What to pack for LA

California is replete with beautiful landmarks and sights that will have you dizzy. The weather in LA may look sunny and perfect; however, the skies are not always clear to provide the perfect weather. The city’s microclimate means that the town is prone to temperature changes throughout the day, so it is essential to park smart to avoid any inconveniences that may occur in regards to the weather.

Before departing from your location, it is advisable to check the forecast just before your exit so as to get a sense of what clothing and essential you need to have with you.  Here is a breakdown of the essentials that you need for your trip to LA:

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Carry on

It is essential to pack your items in a strong carry-on or small suitcase. If your trip is short, ensure that your most vital essentials can fit in a carry-on that you can place in the overhead compartment to avoid additional luggage fees.


The weather in LA is mostly mild; however, you should be prepared for temperature changes for the duration of your stay.  The coldest LA gets is in the 40s (Fahrenheit) while the hottest it can get is in the 90s to the 100s, especially in the Valley during August. The weather does not get extreme although rain may be experienced during the winter months of December and January.

The beach towns, especially Venice, Malibu and Santa Monica can get a bit chilly as the sun goes down. As such, you do not need clothing to protect you from extreme weather.  If you plan to travel during winter, you should definitely include warm clothing in your essentials. It may not snow during winter, but the temperatures do dip quite a bit.

You should pack breathable pieces that are easy to layer so that it is easy to adjust the clothing you have on as the temperatures change.  In your clothing packing list, you should include



Bathing suits

Light and breathable sweaters

A light jacket

Shoes and Uggs for walking around

Miscellaneous items

Do not forget to pack important items such as chargers and various other electronics. Ensure to pack your sunscreen for protection from the sun. Your lotions and lip balms should contain SPF to protect you further from the sun’s harmful rays. Other bits and pieces to include are all the necessary travel documents and ID Cards as well as any medication that you may need during the trip.

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