Traveling to/getting around NYC

As one of the most famous destinations in the world, New York City transportation is fairly well organized and easily accessible. With more than 2.7 million inhabitants living in the big apple, the city has ensured that there are various modes of transportation available to accommodate arriving visitors and commuters.  As such, traveling to and getting around New York is surprisingly easy.

By far, the finest way to get around New York City is by foot because traffic can get manic sometimes. That said, there are plenty of other convenient options available that can allow you to experience every corner of the city, from the concrete jungle streets to the more suburban boroughs.

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Traveling to NYC

You can go to NYC from virtually any location in the world.  The city is served by three main airports mainly JFK, which is the largest airport in the city, LarGuardia, which is located in the midtown area and Newark-Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. There are also other smaller suburban airports available for those who prefer different options.  To get to your destination from the airport and into the city, it is more advisable to hire a taxi, particularly if it is your first time visiting.

Getting around NYC

By foot

Traffic and rush hour can get intense in Manhattan, so much so that it is easier to walk than drive around.  Most of the neighborhoods are mapped in a manner that is easy to navigate, so getting around in NYC is a dream.


Subways are convenient and are available at all hours of the week, night and day. Subway fare is inexpensive, and the trip is efficient. To make things easy, you can purchase a MetroCard that can service you throughout the duration of your stay.

The bus

The bus is a safe and cheap way to see the city from above the ground. To use the bus, you have to purchase a MetroCard as bus drivers do not accept cash. Although they are cheap, try not to use them when you are in a hurry as they are prone to traffic jams.


You cannot miss a taxi in NYC; the streets are flooded with yellow taxi cabs waiting to transport you from place to place. All you need to do is flag down or hail one, and it will appear, just like in the movies. Alternatively, ubers are also a good option because you can pinpoint the exact location that you need to go to without worrying about getting lost in the big apple.

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